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+ The Friendship

Peter Champion first met Peter Brock at a charity dinner in the early 1990s'. He already owned several HDT Road cars and bought along a photo of his cars to show Brocky. He was introduced to Peter Brock and Brocky offered to sign his photo of his cars. PC told him he just wanted to show him his cars, he didn't want his signature. PB was surprised by this, but the two ended up becoming friends.

Through their shared passion PC & PB along with Brockys' son James, and Ron Bently rebuilt Brocks first race car, the Austin A30. The project was a 'heart' move for Brocky and there were many an afternoon around the workshop reliving the great times he had in the original Austin.

Peter Champion is a collector of many things auto. His collection on display at Champions Brock Experience, has been accumulated over a period of some 15-odd years. Over that time Peter Champion and Peter Brock had some great adventures including desert racing in 'Feral Ute', travelling around Tassie for the Targa Rally together and the big adventure of visiting Goodwood Festival of Speed in England with their beloved VK Big Banger. This visit to Goodwood was a 'first' for them both. Brock competed there in a world class field including ex Formula 1, Le Mans cars and current day European touring cars and finished 5th overall in the VK Big Banger.

It was at the urging of Peter Brock that saw Champion create Champions Brock Experience from what was his private collection. Brock was thrilled at the quality of restorations of his beloved race cars and insisted it was just "too good" not to share it with the public.

Peter Brock visited the shed several times, his final visit was just months before his passing. He added his own personal memorabilia to the collection for public display, and the sketches he drew for the entry area, hang in the shed today.

The personal connection between Peter Champion and Peter Brock has made the investment in this collection, not only a monetary one, but a hugely emotional one also.

Upon the tragic passing of his friend, Peter Champion has endeavoured to preserve what has become an amazing legacy of an Australian icon, motoring legend and his friend, Peter Brock.