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Austin A30 1956
+ Austin A30 1956


The A30 or Baby Austin as it was known early in its life, started out with a 803CC 4 cylinder engine. A 179 Holden engine was sourced from a wreck, an A30 body was purchased from Wagga Wagga, and other parts borrowed from friends. Peter's debut with the A30 was a Winton Raceway in Victoria on 26th November, 1967. It did not finish the race, after encountering throttle problems.

The Austin A30 in the experience is a replica which is the result of project with James & Peter Brock, Ron Bently and Peter Champion. This car has made several race track appearances including Peter Brock driving hot laps around Bathurst with F1 Motoring Legend, Murray Walker commentating from the passengers seat.

This car is a replica

Austin A30 1956 Austin A30 1956 Austin A30 1956 Austin A30 1956
+ Austin A30 1956 +

Engine: Holden 179Ici 2950cc
(2.934 Litre)
Power: 200+ bhp
Carburettors: Triple SU's
Gear Box: M21 4 Speed
Top Speed: 140mph